Can I dream to Travel?


Columbus travelled around the world and finally found America,Ibn-e-battuta did the same and got his name highlighted in History.They explored the world and saw the amazing realities of nature without travelling in the first class of any airline or staying at the best resorts with a beach view room.How did they manage to do so?As in today if I( who has a limited budget) wants to go on a weeks trip to anywhere in the world, will need a budget which is more than 4000$!!

Is travelling only the luxury which the rich can opt for ?

I feel the whole idea of travelling has changed.Going on a vacation means that you have to take the best airlines,live in an exotic resort where its a MUST to use the all adventurous and relaxing facilities,eat at amazing places and obviously post a picture of all the shopping you did. Its definitely become a symbol of being Rich and a way to show-off your wealth .Recently I saw an article on how rich kids around the world are showcasing their trips on Instagram.Well! when I looked at the pictures of the prince sitting in his jacuzzi on his one of a kind yacht,It did made me wanna look for some oil to sell in order to get so Rich.

Is travelling only limited to ultra luxuries and an unlimited bank account Or is this hype only created by us and the billionaires?Can’t people with a limited budget go on a vacation where they can get their time OFF!

The answer lies in “Spend money but Smartly”.

  • Don’t go all gaga about exotic travels if you have a limited budget .Remember your facebook status is not going to take the trip YOU are.
  • Choose a domestic destination If you can’t go internationally,do a little research join groups online to read travel diaries of people who have travelled domestically in your country.It’s a great way to be motivated .
  • keep a check on the online deals(I got an opportunity to stay at an amazing resort ,by keeping an eye on such deals)
  • Don’t keep on comparing with your destination with Paris Hiltons or anyone else’s destination, it will spoil the fun
  • Enjoy the street food.Survive on a cheese sandwich if you can for lunch and have a full meal for dinner.That can save a lot of money,
  • Make a daily budget plan ( which will include your food transport and shopping)that will not make you  in short of money by the end of the trip.
  • Keep in mind That you are there to enjoy and relax ,Murder the word whining  from your vocabulary.
  • Most importantly play a role in promoting your trip on social media where people who are passionate about travelling but their bank account doesn’t support them ,can get motivated.

With these points in mind I was able to enjoy a very low budgeted trip up the North and will remember the moments for the rest of my life .It’s all up to us how we can spend our lives either living the way others do it or spend it like a king of your own jungle

So go book your tickets now!