A bouncy world …

Well well! here I am finally out of my cocoon and facing the world like a man.Though being a woman and a mother of four I should be facing the other way around but i finally realized that after 6 years of working , 4 c sections ,many diets,makeovers and trying to satisfy Thee Husband its time I do what I really love doing and that is :Talk, but with the power of words. As here I can do all the talking without the fear that the other person is playing candy crush, watching breaking bad or went to sleep while I was talking.

Isn’t the life of a woman like a jumping castle.She keeps on being bounced every where!From the time she is born she is thrown in the most bounciest questions: Is she pretty? Whats her nose like ?Her eyes are not like her dad.Then she is bounced to her teens where she is either treated like a total super hero  or kept in a jewel box for others to treasure.The fun part comes when she comes in the age where she has to get married and oh! she cant get a proposal .Its when people start taunting about it with comments like:She needs to loose weight in order for Mr charming to look at her or by chance if shes the dark one out in the lot of daughters, her complexion is sure to be targeted

Finally she gets married now she is bounced in with the question:if she got married to a rich guy or a poor one? was it her love marriage or an arranged one.Once she gets back from her honey moon which is another story of where she went? She is trapped in the jungle of fertility .When will she have a baby?Oh! for God sake she hasn’t even seen the man that well yet but aah luckily shes gets all prego and now she will have to go through the million dollar question is it a girl or a boy?.Once the baby is out she will be bounced back in another million questions of how the hell is her life going to be if she only has girls .For once did we ever wonder to give her a break and let her lead a life which is question-less and less judgmental ?Ah naah! I don’t think this is happening in this world.We  really need to change our views and systems to do so.Lets start now and give the woman of your life in any role by telling her how special and important she is .