Teacher Teacher!


I have been a teacher for the past 8 years and I am proud of it.Though I’ve left working now to be at home and take care of the bubs,but the Journey was a fantastic one to go through.Even though being the class-bunker and always late to school I never thought i would turn out to be teacher but I guess God creates paths to teach lessons and I was taught a lesson in a beautiful way.

Being teacher is not only about taking a book and writing on the board .You need to work with multiple skills in order to pass the day.Teaching the younger lot requires extra skills to cope up with their energy level(energy level means really high energy level)

I mean common! every job has its perks and its lows.You can’t enjoy a job if you can’t have fun going through the lows


So here are some great pointers to be noted. If you are planning to  take this noble job.

  1. Remember you have to know what why and where will happen everything so that you can answer the questions by this younger group(that can even be why is you hair black to why there are only three letters in the name TOM(this is a tricky one))
  2. Severe depression arises when you hear the weekend is  about to get over.After the sunsets on Sundays you will feel gloominess and you might check you calendar for all the Fridays coming up in the coming month.
  3. Water will be substituted by Tea .Days when you don’t get tea you might react like an addict and find yourself day dreaming having a cup of tea in between your breaks.The smell of tea might even freak you out if you are in class and you can’t have one.
  4. You will be getting a lot of “I lave you” “daer tacher” cards.Yes your dream of getting so much fan mail will come true,the difference would only be that the spellings are going to be super cute and the Oxford dictionary won’t be a help to understand them .
  5. You might be able to write a book on reasons why you didn’t come or why you didn’t do this/that ,after coming up with amazing excuses while being a teacher( the one like me).
  6. You will be missed like a celebrity by your little friends on the days you don’t come,So all you deprived of love  people this is a career you need to choose.
  7. Be ready to cope up with all kinds of smells ,morning pukes and after lunch gases are normal,
  8. The day you get dressed and your husband didn’t notice you.No problem step in your class and you will get the hoots( AH! I miss that time)
  9. Wiki how to carry 4 bags with two hands.Yes you have to be a pro or at least do some muscle training.
  10. If you ever wanted to be an actress ,this job does give you a platform as you really have to over react to  encourage and make these kids happy by using words like “wow” ” awesomeee” on colouring in straight lines or because he/she wore their shoes correctly.
  11. The best part is the last day before summer break ,the bell rings and you will run like you are running for the Olympics,straight out of the gate.

Time spent as a teacher is always going to be treasured.Teaching a child is like teaching a generation,One needs to take the responsibility and above all be patient.

So take up your job and read write and Educate while having a time of your life.A special thankyou to all the teachers who taught me and with whom I’ve worked with.Keep it up and you guys are perfect as you worked and taught a person like me .(lol)