Who’s got your remote control?

Yesterday I was in a terrible mood.Ask me why? Well I heard my friend calling me a lazy bum .Even though being a full time mom I really cannot imagine the word lazy coming in my life’s dictionary from any angle,but as  her highness( That’s ME!) has major ego issues the phrase just hit me like a bomb.

So This happened at  breakfast ,where me and my friends met.That comment spoiled my mood and so by lunch I had screamed at my sister just because she took my brush(duh) ,then came my 8yr old’s turn who got a counselling session for the reason that she asked a question about some planet which i didnt know about.So by night several people and things (yes like I cursed the fan which was not working properly and the brush which did not comb the way I wanted) got influenced by that one phrase which spoiled my mood!

Finally when I realized while watching “You’ve got mail ” don’t know why the movie made me realize,that how we have given the remote control of our moods ,our happiness,our sorrows to others.I mean don’t we get angry only because someone said something or we get super happy because someone said something about how our eyes looked! .We are so in control of others.The little gestures or moments in our own life don’t really have an effect on us.Getting influenced by others is natural but it should not control our lives.

For example I hear such comments on people and I see a reaction on it right away.Here are some examples.

1.“Your hair has become so thin”…Next day all kinds of oils will be on our shelves.

2.“You use a lot of salt in your food”.…..Next thing we know we will be using minimum or no salt even though the salt level was totally normal only if you would have checked it.

3.“Blogging doesn’t have a scope,it’s a waste of time”…there goes the writing …which you always wanted to do.

4.“Keep an eye on your husband.I saw him being tagged by some girl a lot lately”…oops the poor man is a gone guy ,,,wifey will become sherlock holmes or even better.

5.” Swimming is better than gymnastics for your girls”.…..damn what my girls wants …you will eventually force them to do swimming.

6.”Pink suits you….and the the dresses started coming in all shades of pink even though blue was always your favourite.

Our lives are highly influenced by what people say,If you observe 40 percent of things we are doing  only because someone told you to do so.Doesn’t your day go awesomely good only because your Boss said that you are doing a good job.Such phrases commented  actually determines how your day will go because the remote control of Your life is in his or her hand not yours.

Just imagine a day where you don’t give a damn about anyone.Close your eyes and just imagine…Ah! isnt it a more peaceful life.

Well I’ve decided it I’ve got my remote in my hand and I press the buttons to my moods whenever I want Right now i’m pressing to relax and you better decide which one are you pressing for yourself today!