Status Update!

“XYZ is at an amazing Island having the most delicious drink”……”xyz just got a new Louis vuitton bag from her very loving hubby and etc etc  I am sure you must go through this insane torture as I must say from these regular status updates on Facebook.How do you feel and how do you react to it? I may feel an envious kind of person to you ,but  I Do turn green or go into a trance of insecurity.I mean come on! here you are working your ass and trying to save as much as you can even if it means to sacrifice on having three decent cups of coffee at an high end coffee shop.Such a flaunt of luxuries do create a sense of insecurity around us.Such tweets have now become a culture . Many people have gotten so addicted to it that they just go to a shop to check in or from the time they pack their bags to the time they step back to their house from a vacation .Instead of admiring the beautiful views around them people are engrossed in making their profile full of their amazing check ins.I don’t entirely  blame them because then there are those who are highly impressed by those tweets and their fingers are solely for the purpose of pressing the like buttons for them.Positive or negative I feel such a culture is not taking the generation anywhere but would create even more difference between masses and might be a source of many negative outcomes to approach that kind of status in-order to feel less insecure.

SO what can we do? Well we can promote good stuff as well and feel awesome! like “I am reading a book at home and feeling blessed” or” I love it when I do nothing and stay at home with my hubby all day long”.No wonder sadness is around us even though we are excelling in all walks of life .The reality is that we have stopped admiring the little treasures of life around us.Just look around you and  you can press your LIKE button at-least a million times.

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