Teacher Teacher!


I have been a teacher for the past 8 years and I am proud of it.Though I’ve left working now to be at home and take care of the bubs,but the Journey was a fantastic one to go through.Even though being the class-bunker and always late to school I never thought i would turn out to be teacher but I guess God creates paths to teach lessons and I was taught a lesson in a beautiful way.

Being teacher is not only about taking a book and writing on the board .You need to work with multiple skills in order to pass the day.Teaching the younger lot requires extra skills to cope up with their energy level(energy level means really high energy level)

I mean common! every job has its perks and its lows.You can’t enjoy a job if you can’t have fun going through the lows


So here are some great pointers to be noted. If you are planning to  take this noble job.

  1. Remember you have to know what why and where will happen everything so that you can answer the questions by this younger group(that can even be why is you hair black to why there are only three letters in the name TOM(this is a tricky one))
  2. Severe depression arises when you hear the weekend is  about to get over.After the sunsets on Sundays you will feel gloominess and you might check you calendar for all the Fridays coming up in the coming month.
  3. Water will be substituted by Tea .Days when you don’t get tea you might react like an addict and find yourself day dreaming having a cup of tea in between your breaks.The smell of tea might even freak you out if you are in class and you can’t have one.
  4. You will be getting a lot of “I lave you” “daer tacher” cards.Yes your dream of getting so much fan mail will come true,the difference would only be that the spellings are going to be super cute and the Oxford dictionary won’t be a help to understand them .
  5. You might be able to write a book on reasons why you didn’t come or why you didn’t do this/that ,after coming up with amazing excuses while being a teacher( the one like me).
  6. You will be missed like a celebrity by your little friends on the days you don’t come,So all you deprived of love  people this is a career you need to choose.
  7. Be ready to cope up with all kinds of smells ,morning pukes and after lunch gases are normal,
  8. The day you get dressed and your husband didn’t notice you.No problem step in your class and you will get the hoots( AH! I miss that time)
  9. Wiki how to carry 4 bags with two hands.Yes you have to be a pro or at least do some muscle training.
  10. If you ever wanted to be an actress ,this job does give you a platform as you really have to over react to  encourage and make these kids happy by using words like “wow” ” awesomeee” on colouring in straight lines or because he/she wore their shoes correctly.
  11. The best part is the last day before summer break ,the bell rings and you will run like you are running for the Olympics,straight out of the gate.

Time spent as a teacher is always going to be treasured.Teaching a child is like teaching a generation,One needs to take the responsibility and above all be patient.

So take up your job and read write and Educate while having a time of your life.A special thankyou to all the teachers who taught me and with whom I’ve worked with.Keep it up and you guys are perfect as you worked and taught a person like me .(lol)

Who’s got your remote control?

Yesterday I was in a terrible mood.Ask me why? Well I heard my friend calling me a lazy bum .Even though being a full time mom I really cannot imagine the word lazy coming in my life’s dictionary from any angle,but as  her highness( That’s ME!) has major ego issues the phrase just hit me like a bomb.

So This happened at  breakfast ,where me and my friends met.That comment spoiled my mood and so by lunch I had screamed at my sister just because she took my brush(duh) ,then came my 8yr old’s turn who got a counselling session for the reason that she asked a question about some planet which i didnt know about.So by night several people and things (yes like I cursed the fan which was not working properly and the brush which did not comb the way I wanted) got influenced by that one phrase which spoiled my mood!

Finally when I realized while watching “You’ve got mail ” don’t know why the movie made me realize,that how we have given the remote control of our moods ,our happiness,our sorrows to others.I mean don’t we get angry only because someone said something or we get super happy because someone said something about how our eyes looked! .We are so in control of others.The little gestures or moments in our own life don’t really have an effect on us.Getting influenced by others is natural but it should not control our lives.

For example I hear such comments on people and I see a reaction on it right away.Here are some examples.

1.“Your hair has become so thin”…Next day all kinds of oils will be on our shelves.

2.“You use a lot of salt in your food”.…..Next thing we know we will be using minimum or no salt even though the salt level was totally normal only if you would have checked it.

3.“Blogging doesn’t have a scope,it’s a waste of time”…there goes the writing …which you always wanted to do.

4.“Keep an eye on your husband.I saw him being tagged by some girl a lot lately”…oops the poor man is a gone guy ,,,wifey will become sherlock holmes or even better.

5.” Swimming is better than gymnastics for your girls”.…..damn what my girls wants …you will eventually force them to do swimming.

6.”Pink suits you….and the the dresses started coming in all shades of pink even though blue was always your favourite.

Our lives are highly influenced by what people say,If you observe 40 percent of things we are doing  only because someone told you to do so.Doesn’t your day go awesomely good only because your Boss said that you are doing a good job.Such phrases commented  actually determines how your day will go because the remote control of Your life is in his or her hand not yours.

Just imagine a day where you don’t give a damn about anyone.Close your eyes and just imagine…Ah! isnt it a more peaceful life.

Well I’ve decided it I’ve got my remote in my hand and I press the buttons to my moods whenever I want Right now i’m pressing to relax and you better decide which one are you pressing for yourself today!

Can I dream to Travel?


Columbus travelled around the world and finally found America,Ibn-e-battuta did the same and got his name highlighted in History.They explored the world and saw the amazing realities of nature without travelling in the first class of any airline or staying at the best resorts with a beach view room.How did they manage to do so?As in today if I( who has a limited budget) wants to go on a weeks trip to anywhere in the world, will need a budget which is more than 4000$!!

Is travelling only the luxury which the rich can opt for ?

I feel the whole idea of travelling has changed.Going on a vacation means that you have to take the best airlines,live in an exotic resort where its a MUST to use the all adventurous and relaxing facilities,eat at amazing places and obviously post a picture of all the shopping you did. Its definitely become a symbol of being Rich and a way to show-off your wealth .Recently I saw an article on how rich kids around the world are showcasing their trips on Instagram.Well! when I looked at the pictures of the prince sitting in his jacuzzi on his one of a kind yacht,It did made me wanna look for some oil to sell in order to get so Rich.

Is travelling only limited to ultra luxuries and an unlimited bank account Or is this hype only created by us and the billionaires?Can’t people with a limited budget go on a vacation where they can get their time OFF!

The answer lies in “Spend money but Smartly”.

  • Don’t go all gaga about exotic travels if you have a limited budget .Remember your facebook status is not going to take the trip YOU are.
  • Choose a domestic destination If you can’t go internationally,do a little research join groups online to read travel diaries of people who have travelled domestically in your country.It’s a great way to be motivated .
  • keep a check on the online deals(I got an opportunity to stay at an amazing resort ,by keeping an eye on such deals)
  • Don’t keep on comparing with your destination with Paris Hiltons or anyone else’s destination, it will spoil the fun
  • Enjoy the street food.Survive on a cheese sandwich if you can for lunch and have a full meal for dinner.That can save a lot of money,
  • Make a daily budget plan ( which will include your food transport and shopping)that will not make you  in short of money by the end of the trip.
  • Keep in mind That you are there to enjoy and relax ,Murder the word whining  from your vocabulary.
  • Most importantly play a role in promoting your trip on social media where people who are passionate about travelling but their bank account doesn’t support them ,can get motivated.

With these points in mind I was able to enjoy a very low budgeted trip up the North and will remember the moments for the rest of my life .It’s all up to us how we can spend our lives either living the way others do it or spend it like a king of your own jungle

So go book your tickets now!

Be Trendy ,Be Fit..

Ok so! Yesterday I went to the mall.As I was waiting for my sister to complete her endless shopping I sat down on the bench in the middle of the huge entrance of the mall and suddenly started noticing how people follow each other in terms of trends .Its mind-boggling how one starts wearing a slipper with a pink bow, on another part of the planet and it slowly starts becoming a trend and spreads like a wildfire around the globe.Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Tipping Point” had clearly explained the reason of how trends are passed on from one person to a whole country.

When it comes to trends the one thing which I see every time I log onto my Instagram or Facebook is the race to get fit.Women with perfect bodies,detox drinks or workout videos you name it and it’s there.Military diets for 3 days or fit in a black dress in 30 days,It’s there for you and customized according to your lifestyle.Now this is what I call a positive trend which is definitely changing people’s lives.I mean I am one  of those lucky ones who has been thoroughly effected by this virus I may call it.I did lose 12 kg in 6 months after the baby because  of all those motivational pictures I use to get on instagram. Which  did not let me touch the amazing chocolate cakes near me and made me move my butt on zumba to shed the excess weight .download (6)

This over all has created awareness amongst people and they do prefer a plate of caesar salad instead of a slice of a cheese cake .Restraunts have added delicious options for people who want or are trying to get fit.To motivate people challenges to lose weight in so and so days are put forward.Here I totally give 100 percent credit to the social media which gave all of us a wakeup call.

Trends are there to either create a positive environment in our society and then there are those which have a negative outcome.People specially those who have  their names highlighted in the society have a great responsibility in spreading trends.Its Really nice to see many women who are no celebrities but are making their mark online to help others when it comes to weight loss or eating healthy.So kudos to all!!! keep up the good work and keep on motivating us to stay fit 🙂

Status Update!

“XYZ is at an amazing Island having the most delicious drink”……”xyz just got a new Louis vuitton bag from her very loving hubby and etc etc  I am sure you must go through this insane torture as I must say from these regular status updates on Facebook.How do you feel and how do you react to it? I may feel an envious kind of person to you ,but  I Do turn green or go into a trance of insecurity.I mean come on! here you are working your ass and trying to save as much as you can even if it means to sacrifice on having three decent cups of coffee at an high end coffee shop.Such a flaunt of luxuries do create a sense of insecurity around us.Such tweets have now become a culture . Many people have gotten so addicted to it that they just go to a shop to check in or from the time they pack their bags to the time they step back to their house from a vacation .Instead of admiring the beautiful views around them people are engrossed in making their profile full of their amazing check ins.I don’t entirely  blame them because then there are those who are highly impressed by those tweets and their fingers are solely for the purpose of pressing the like buttons for them.Positive or negative I feel such a culture is not taking the generation anywhere but would create even more difference between masses and might be a source of many negative outcomes to approach that kind of status in-order to feel less insecure.

SO what can we do? Well we can promote good stuff as well and feel awesome! like “I am reading a book at home and feeling blessed” or” I love it when I do nothing and stay at home with my hubby all day long”.No wonder sadness is around us even though we are excelling in all walks of life .The reality is that we have stopped admiring the little treasures of life around us.Just look around you and  you can press your LIKE button at-least a million times.